Building Our Roastery Cafe in Watsonville

We are like so many small businesses that bootstrap themselves up from garages and backyards. We have been operating our roaster just outside the farm kitchen for years, with burlap bags of green coffee piled high in the garage. Our sales outlets are mainly mobile. While start-up costs were reasonably low, this arrangement is a lot of HARD work!

We are thrilled to say we have embarked on a huge upgrade to our operation. The main driver of this expansion is you, our awesome customers. Your demand for more farm fresh coffee has had us running ragged.

After many months of planning and obtaining the required permits, we are about to begin construction! Our new challenge is that building costs are higher than expected, and we need to raise more money. $100,000 more!

The first critical stages of our expansion have already been taken: We have a location! A great big warehouse plus space to build a cafe at 125 Hangar Way (space 270) in Watsonville California.

Front entrance of 125 Hangar Way, Space 270

We have been approved for a special use permit, architectural plans have been completed and approved by the health and building departments, and now we are ready to build our cafe. Hooray!!

Preview of the cafe design for Hidden Fortress Coffee
Preview of the cafe design for Hidden Fortress Coffee

To reach the point when we can officially open our doors at a proper place of business and welcome you in is going to take a jaw dropping grand total of $220,000!! We have raised half of this which is enough to start building, but the rest will have to be raised in a hurry if we want to open by the end of the summer. To accomplish this huge goal we need your help! The best way is by supporting our Kickstarter. There are many other ways you can help, if the crowd fund option is not a good fit for you. In that case, please consider helping out in one of the following ways:

Costa Rica La Amistad Organic Coffee
Costa Rica La Amistad Organic Coffee

Buy our coffee!

Sales are the life blood of any small business, and extra sales are just the boost we need to keep the cash flowing. While we are building the cafe that cash will mostly be flowing out of our pockets and into the coffers of city agencies, contractors and designers, and to keep the roof over our heads while we build it!

Even Better: Become a Coffee Subscriber!

Recurring sales via subscriptions are a real boon to our growing business. Steady income for us, and lower cost and less hassle for you, what’s not to like? You can have your subscription shipped or delivered, depending on where you live. Or you can arrange to pick it up at one of the Farmer’s Markets we sell at.






Paying it Forward
Paying it Forward

Make a Loan! Email Amelia

If you are willing and able to loan $500 or more to this project, send me an email to start a conversation about doing this. Did I mention we’re going to need really deep pockets? What I can offer in return is a very reliable pay back (I have an excellent track record), plus 12% per year annual interest, compounded annually. We’ll set up a very simple written loan agreement. Most small loans will be paid back in a year.

Our first Kiva Zip loan for $5,000 is fully funded, thanks to the wonderful support we have received so far. This was a no interest loan. We really like this platform that enables supportive folks to make micro loans to small businesses that inspire them. Our loan is fully funded but you can still see our campaign & learn how the Kiva platform works:

Contribute Your Skills! Email Amelia

Building this business will take a lot of hard work. You might be able to help! We’ll most certainly need help getting the word out about the various funding projects and helping to create buzz about Hidden Fortress. But we could use other skills too. Building skills, digital media skills, legal, marketing, computer IT, grunt work… If you have some time you’d like to contribute, talk to me! There is certainly great coffee in it for you!