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Ethiopia Bedegelo Organic Coffee

Ethiopia Sidama Gerbicho


Fragrant lemon verbana, jasmine, sage. Nectarine, lemon custard, cocoa.

City+  roast (medium).

$7 for 6 ounces
$12 for 12 ounces
$15 for 1 pound
$28 for 2 pounds

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This was our favorite after tasting this year’s organic offerings from Ethiopia. Beautiful fragrance of lemon verbena and jasmine with a light hint of sage. Sweet flavors range from creamy lemon custard to light sweet cocoa, with a splash of juicy nectarine. The Gerbicho cooperative is a group of family farms in the Sidama region of Ethiopia, where the heirloom indigenous coffee trees are tended by small family farmers. We roast this to a medium-light: City roast.

Additional information
Weight lbs
Package Size

1 pound, 12 ounces, 2 pounds, 6 ounces (sample)

Grind Preference

Coarse: French Press, Fine: Espresso, Medium: drip/auto, Whole Bean: do not grind

Roast Preference (2 lb minimum)

American (Very light roast), City (Light-medium roast), French (Dark roast), Full City (Medium dark roast)