Hidden Fortress Coffee Sampler
3 Month Coffee Subscription-Shipped
June 26, 2017
Fresh mug of Organic Mocha from Hidden Fortress!
Hidden Fortress Cafe Mug Club
June 26, 2017
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Hidden Fortress Coffee Sampler

6 Month Coffee Subscription-Shipped


12 weeks of fresh roasted coffee. Coffee will be freshly roasted right before each delivery.

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This subscription will give you 24 weeks of fresh roasted coffee. Prepayment saves you at least 10% over individual purchase price, and you can set and forget. Coffee will be freshly roasted right before each delivery.

This subscription price includes shipping costs for all of the shipments in the subscription except the first shipment. The cost for the first shipment is added when you purchase this item by choosing the appropriate shipment zone when checking out your order.

Shipments are made by the US Postal Service and are send by Priority Mail

If you want to come in person to pick up your coffee, please choose the in-store subscription instead of this one, to avoid paying for shipping.

Additional information
Grind Preference

Coarse: French Press, Fine: Espresso, Medium: drip/auto, Whole Bean: do not grind

Preferred Roast?

Dark (Full City to French roast), Medium (City+ to Full City roast), Light (American to City+ roast), Variety (we’ll include light, medium, & dark)

Package Size

1 pound, 12 ounces, 2 pounds, 24 ounces in 2 bags, 48 ounces in 4 bags

Delivery Frequency

Once a week, Every 2 weeks, Once a month

Coffee Variety

American Blonde, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Decaf Microfarm Blend, El Salvador, Espresso Blend Decaf, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Hidden Fortress Espresso Blend, Honduras, Java, Loma Prieta Blend, Mexico, Microfarm Blend, Mixed Variety – Dark Roast, Mixed Variety – Light Roast, Mixed Variety – Medium Roast, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Rwanda, Sumatra, Uganda