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Nicaragua Alta De Jinotega Coffee
Nicaragua Alta De Jinotega
December 6, 2017
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Colombia Serrania Del Perija Coffee

Colombia Serrania Del Perija


Vanilla, Pecan pie, sweet orange, cherry, dark chocolate.

Full City roast (medium-dark).

$8 for 6 ounces
$14 for 12 ounces
$18 for 1 pound
$34 for 2 pounds

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A smooth yet assertive coffee grown in northern Colombia by an all woman’s cooperative. Clean highlights of sweet orange and cherry greet the nose with the first sip. Rich flavors of dark chocolate and pecan pie finish with lingering smooth vanilla & cocoa. Worldwide, about 70% of the labor on coffee farms is performed by women, yet women own around 20% of coffee growing farmland. We are very happy to support these women farmers and small business owners who are investing the money made selling their delicious coffee into their communities and families. For example they are supporting their youth to start a coffee roasting program aimed to supply the local market with high quality coffee. Full City roast (medium-dark).

Additional information
Weight lbs
Package Size

1 pound, 12 ounces, 2 pounds, 6 ounces (sample)

Grind Preference

Coarse: French Press, Fine: Espresso, Medium: drip/auto, Whole Bean: do not grind

Roast Preference (2 lb minimum)

American (Very light roast), City (Light-medium roast), French (Dark roast), Full City (Medium dark roast)