Hidden Fortress American Blonde Coffee
American Blonde
February 5, 2016
Hidden Fortress Espresso Blend
Hidden Fortress Espresso Blend
February 20, 2016
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Hidden Fortress Decaf Microfarm Blend

Decaf Microfarm Blend


Our signature blend. A smooth, balanced cup with a rich earthy character.

Full City  roast (medium-dark).

$8 for 6 ounces
$13 for 12 ounces
$17 for 1 pound
$32 for 2 pounds


This decaf will have you coming back for more, without getting a huge case of the jitters. Smooth, earthy, sweet, and flavorful, this blend is wonderful as a drip coffee or as an espresso drink. The rich and earthy character is balanced with a hint of fruit, orange zest, and cocoa.

Our house blend melds coffees from Central and South America to produce a smooth, balanced cup with a rich earthy character. These are top quality organic, Fair Trade, Arabica coffees from micro scale producers who cherish the earth as much as they take pride in their great coffee. Full City  roast (medium-dark).

Additional information
Weight lbs
Package Size

1 pound, 12 ounces, 2 pounds, 6 ounces (sample)

Grind Preference

Coarse: French Press, Fine: Espresso, Medium: drip/auto, Whole Bean: do not grind

Roast Preference (2 lb minimum)

American (Very light roast), City (Light-medium roast), French (Dark roast), Full City (Medium dark roast)